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99.98 % UP time with Firewall Protection at all West Coast DC in USA.
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VPN account with every Server Hosted with OneCloudPBX till last billing anniversary.
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Rock Solid Windows PBX 3CX Hosting
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Unlimited database, email and disk space.
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High Performance Hosting

Avoid complexities of web hosting, dedicated protected resources. 24/7 Support! Client Speaks for us. Your website will be safe, secured and fast!

Web Development

At OneCloudPBX, Our design analyst will develop, create and invent the best User End Experience to serve you and your organization.

Mobile Application Dev.

Our mobile development solution is one of the most reliable in Asia. We develop native coded application for Android and IOS devices

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Our Windows PBX 3CX Plans

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Dedicated Servers

Dual Xeon Processor, 8GB RAM, 500GB Sata, cPanel, 100% managed server starting from TK 12500 monthly!

Elastix Solutions

With a powerful Elastix team OneCloudPBX can achieve the top most goal of Elastix!